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Meet Our Founder


Emanuel has spent the last 15 years developing cutting edge technology to create digital brands both relevant and exciting. He is a PhD Student in Communication and Media Studies at University of Montpellier, as well he is a Master in Management and Governance. He has worked as a digital producer and director of interactive technologies. He most recently created a masterclass that lets students develop skills focused on today’s most prevalent technologies including branding, social media and digital marketing.

Through his experiences of bringing current technologies into corporates  in direct need of  today`s innovation, Emanuel recognized that many small to medium-size business owners were finding themselves in a similar predicament. Either they were not fully taking advantage of all that technology could offer their business, or they were being taken advantage of by companies charging exceedingly high rates, preying on the lack of digital proficiencies of many business owners. Further, Emanuel believes that successful entrepreneurs and business owners should leverage their strengths and outsource the tasks that are someone else’s expertise and passion. Not even the best leaders can do it all.

Every business in today’s extremely competitive marketplace needs a carefully formulated digital footprint to effectively showcase their brand and services. The Advancers Agency has expertise in Web Development &Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media and Digital Marketing, each of which are key components to increasing online visibility, and driving traffic a to your successful business. Beyond the requisite expertise, is the vision to create something beyond the status quo, a new, creative vision of what is possible. It’s what you can expect from a company named The Advancers.

Vision and expertise are essential but only half of Emanuel`s commitment to The Advancers Agency. The most important lesson he has learned in his experiences with digital is that building relationships is still the most important factor to success. At its core, The Advancers Agency is different from its competitors because of this focus on personalized, humanistic, customer-first ethos that nurtures valued relationships with all clients. While our product offering is high tech, we see ourselves as a committed service provider that is passionate about improving the lives and profits of our customers.

This unusual old commitment to value and relationship in the dynamic ever-changing digital world, is founded on Emanuel`s own upbringing in a blue-collar neighborhood where adults worked hard to provide for their families. Emanuel found his passion in digital media and tv production, working over a decade as a consultant with multiple international media trusts both in Europe and United States.

Emanuel is extremely passionate about digital and communication, both online and offline. Whether growing a business, an online community or building a brand, Emanuel says the bottom line is that technology should be a tool for personal and professional empowerment. Like any tool, its success will be determined by the expertise, caring and vision of the human beings privileged to be at the controls.  The Advancers Agency thrive on taking charge of your technology needs to empower your business and make your work life both easier and more effective.

Digital Marketing Services


Statistics prove that only a limited number of companies are effectively using websites and other digital resources toward substantial gains. You may be missing out on an opportunity to move beyond sustainability toward profitability! While many businesses opt to use social media as their primary digital communication tool because of the ease of access and use, they are diminishing their chances to maximize the value of a powerful, personalized space on the Web. When combined with a social media strategy, a customized Website can differentiate your company, while strengthening relationships with online customers. Whether you’re considering a new Website, or a re-designed Website, let The Advancers help you increase your leads, while letting your customers know that you care about them as you build your brand through a creative, innovative, and stylistic web presence.


We hunt down that one idea that can change many motives towards your brand. We study, gauge, explore and then develop campaign strategies that attract, engage and capture mindshare through the digital sphere. An idea that cuts through the ordinary.

FROM $500/mo

We create memorable brand experiences using innovative web design and web development. Our creative web designs reflect current trends and sensibilities to elevate the brand experience. What looks good also works smoothly! Hence, we ensure that every web design is backed up with robust and flawless web development.

FROM $1000/mo

We involve users in conversations that matter. Our social media services break into content & engagement strategy that employs relevant platforms based on the nature of the brand, audience, and content. Giving consumers an experience is the core of our social media services.

FROM $500/mo

Our SEO services will strategize organic and cost-effective ways to list your website with a better ranking. We believe that an interesting website has many takers, what’s required is the right approach in optimizing it. Our SEO services offer just that.

FROM $1000

Decades ago branding was defined as a name, slogan, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of these elements that identify products or services of a company.
Today brand is the perception that a consumer has when they hear or think of your company name, service or product.

FROM $2000

Sharp communication coupled with stylish and modern designs set your brand apart. And that is when consumers take notice of your brand.

FROM $1000/mo

Yes, content is king. But it reports to a concept. See how we conceptualize your content into interesting content pieces that creates a valuable customer-brand relationship.

FROM $2000

Storytelling through videos to increase engagement and widen the reach of a message is the motto. We conceptualise, create and share the video piece in different styles. Be it illustration, animation, real life or a mash up – we do it all!

FROM $5000/mo

A space to watch out for. While we build flexible platforms, responsive websites, our underlying aim is to provide a unique brand experience that is high on performance.


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